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Presentations, Lessons and Videos

Stay tuned! On this page we will upload any presentations by teachers during the CSA, the lessons our CSA participants will create in their electives while in Berlin, and any videos they create. 

CSA Presentations

Each year we invite experts – scholars, journalists, activists – to present to CSA participants, as well as veteran Centropa teachers who present their successful, classroom-tested lessons and projects. Below you will find PowerPoint slide decks and lessons presented during this year’s CSA.

Day 1. – July 8.

Introductory presentation to Centropa resources
Courageous People Project by Britanny Brown

Download presentation: Brittany_Brown_CSA2019

Day 3. – July 10.

Presentations of the “Marketplace of Ideas”
Museum of Victims’ Lives Before the Holocaust by Amy Leserman

Students often enter Holocaust studies with mistaken beliefs, e.g., that it is just a Jewish issue, that Jews
were somehow deserving of mass murder, that they threatened and were fundamentally different from
other people. This activity corrects these misbeliefs by using Centropa’s photograph database to
challenge students’ preconceptions about Jews through analysis of photographs of Jewish life before the
Holocaust alongside their own family photographs.

Download presentation: Amy Leserman – Museum of Victims’ Lives Before the Holocaust

Using Centropa in multiple ways by Siniša Vukadinovic

Centropa veteran teacher, Siniša Vukadinovic, shared a few of his most successful Centropa lessons, including one about migration that uses Centropa’s film, Return to Rivne; Holocaust lessons using Centropa’s film Three Promises and Holocaust sites in Belgrade; and a student exchange program with Berlin students that came out of his experience at the Centropa Summer Academy.

Download presentation: Sinisa’s Holocaust Lessons for CSA 2019

Telling Stories/How We Remember: The Diary of Anne Frank and Centropa’s Film, The Years Make Their Own by Magdalena Sajkova

Nowadays, with society moving ever faster and faster, it’s incredibly important for students to embrace
modern skills and abilities. Yet, in our rush, we mustn’t forget about the past, and we should instead look
towards it for inspiration. Using The Diary of Anne Frank and Centropa’s film, The Years Make Their Own,
(about a group of teenage Jewish partisans in Macedonia during WWII), these three lessons combine the
knowledge gained through history classes with the insight that literature gives us about life, along with
skills in software and film-making, to let students create their own perspectives on the past, present,
and future.

Download presentation:

Magdalena Lesson, Anne Frank & Yrs Make their Own

Magdalena, Film Transcript English Translation

Magdalena, Telling Stories – How we remember

Using Centropa films to teach poetry and language by Ettie Abraham

Centropa films are a great way to teach themes – love, survival, overcoming hardship, etc. – and
combining them with literature and poetry has a great impact on students. Ettie showed how she
uses Centropa films and poetry to create opportunities for students to explore important life themes, as
well as literary genres.

Download presentation:

Ettie Abraham – Herbert Lewin Presentation

Ettie Abraham – Love story powerpoint CSA

Creating a student film club by Khytt Lawrey

Khytt and her colleague created a film club for their 21st century, American inner-city, middle school students to
draw personal connections, cultural awareness, and social responsiveness not only to the Holocaust, but
also the everyday lives of Jewish people around the world. Students brainstormed, storyboarded, filmed,
edited, and presented all projects which were directly inspired by Centropa’s professional films, and vast
database of resources. The resulting outcome was students crossing boundaries through time, place, and identity to grow as global citizens.

Download presentation: [coming soon]

Elective Lesson Plans

Each CSA participant is going to choose one topic to focus on during our time in Berlin, and almost every day they’ll have time to work together in small groups or individually to create lessons and projects about that topic using the Centropa database and films, the German Jewish Source Book, and anything they learned while in Berlin. 

Teaching the Holocaust in the 21st Century

Being Courageous?!
Daniel Boyce, Christian Malik, Evangelia Mitsopoulou, Markus Freundorfer
Download lesson: Being Courageous

Images and Empathy
Rachel Silton, Taylor Stern, Amy Leserman
Download lesson: Images and Empathy

Courage as a personal choice
Jamie Carus, Anastasiia Belyaeva, Marina Konstantinova, Anastasiia Troitski
Download lesson: Courage as a Personal Choice

“Should I be Worried?” Holocaust Precursors vs. Modern Events
Mark Hoffman, Monika Anuszkiewicz, Ron Weitman, Magdalena Płoszaj
Download lesson: Should I be worried?

A Friend in need is a Friend Indeed!
Gülben Güngör, Hristina Miteva Tanaskoska, Laura Allen, Maja Stojanovska
Download lesson: A friend in need is a friend indeed

Righteous Among the Nations and Civil Courage

To be or not to be… Righteous
Eszter Minich, María Eugenia Zelaya
Download lesson: To be or not to be righteous

Stand up for what is right
Nirit Neeman, Anna Janssen, Olga Gkouma, Jorge Gomez
Download lesson: Stand up for what is right

What is moral integrity?
Taci Allen, Angelica McDonald, LaPrecious Polk
Download lesson: What is moral integrity?

When do you put your life on the line to help others?
Dragana Benić, Marta Mišković, Siniša Vukadinović
Download lesson: When do you put your life on the line to help others?

Rightous Among the Nations
David Castillo, Megan Kelly
Download lesson: Righteous Among the Nations

The Holocaust from another point of view; a Sephardic story
Tamar Gur, Lilly Mizrachi Rozen, Leandro Kierzenbaum
Download lesson: The Holocaust for another point of view

1989: The Collapse of Communism and the Rise of Civil Society

Borders and Bridges reflective thoughts
Melissa Yarborough
Download lesson: Borders and Bridges Reflective Thoughts

A new challenge – the fall of Communism
Dmytro Bekas, Felicia Godinez, Amikam Peled
Download lesson: A New Challenge- The Fall of Communism

Borders and Bridges reflective thoughts
Alana Marshall
Download lesson: Marshall -Borders and Bridges Reflective Thoughts

Borders and Bridges: Human Rights and The Fall of Communism
Ellen Davis
Download lesson: Davis – Borders and Bridges Human Rights and The Fall of Communism

Escape from Prague
Britanny Brown, Charikleia Stefani
Download lesson: Escape from Prague

The Kindertransports

Broken life – New life
Imre Salga, Adi Vayngarten, Danijela Zekusic
Download lesson: Broken life – new life

Childhood now and in the past
Julie Kennedy, Inna Kurochka, Maja Lukic, Michal Pozin-Gabai, Efsevia Chalvatzi
Download lesson: Childhood now and in the Past

Shaping Identity
Caryn Weingast, Andrea Sertic, Andy Schuh, Lena Soltendieck, Roni Baron
Download lesson: Shaping Identity

Elective videos

Teachers sign up to take the video elective because they are interested in learning how to make a video – and boy do they! In 7 days they have a crash course in narrative storytelling, filmography, audio, and editing. Working together, or sometimes individually, the below videos represent an extraordinary amount of work within the 7 days of the CSA – including evenings and free time – as well as the mentoring and help of our video coordinator Alex Treyger (United States), and Centropa’s own talented filmmaker, Wolfi Els.

Not as an Obligation

Created by Ferenc Szekeres

Family is first

Created by Magdalena Sajkova


Created by Jovana Pavlovic Azdejkovic

And He was a Child

Created by Julie Drake

Chai – The Meaning of Life

Created by Talli Dippold

Regina Jonas

Created by Gili Sherman

The Vilna Vegetarian

Created by Dayla Rogers

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